Tuesday, 7 August 2018


The Arachnological Bulletin of the Middle East
and North Africa

In August 1987, SERKET was launched in Egypt, taking its name from the ancient Egyptian language for a scorpion. Fifteen volumes were published until now (each of 2-4 parts). Volume 16 (2018-2019) is in preparation now.
SERKET welcomes manuscript submission from researchers anywhere in the world. Short communications are also welcomed.
Correspondence concerning subscription, back issues, publication, etc. should be addressed to the editor:
- Hisham K. El-Hennawy
   41, El-Manteqa El-Rabia St., Heliopolis,
   Cairo 11341, Egypt
- Email: el_hennawy@hotmail.com
, elhennawy@gmail.com
No subscription needed since volume 14 (2014-2015). All issues will be free on-line. Also, publication is still free as before.
ISSN: 1110-502X

Volumes 1-16(3) (1987-2018)

32 years, 16 volumes, 60 parts, 2529 pages, 252 papers,

189 authors of 25 countries [1 from: Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Syria; 2 from: Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia; 3 from: Belgium, France, Iraq, South Africa; 4 from: Morocco, U.K., U.S.A.; 7 from Iran; 10 from: Algeria; 19 from: India; 52 from Egypt; and 59 from Turkey]

New names: 1 genus + 10 species of spiders and 18 species of scorpions.


Thanks to Biodiversity Heritage Library
The back issues of Serket can be downloaded from:


and from https://archive.org/

Volume v.1-2 (1987-1992)                             https://archive.org/details/serket1219elhe
Volume v.3-4 (1992-1996)                             https://archive.org/details/serket3419elhe
Volume v.5-6 (1996-2000)                             https://archive.org/details/serket5619elhe
Volume v.7-8 (2000-2003)                             https://archive.org/details/serket7820elhe
Volume v.9-10 (2004-2006)                           https://archive.org/details/serket9102elhe
Volume v.11-12 (2008-2011)                         https://archive.org/details/serket1112elhe